Sunday, January 28, 2007

Interior - Windows & Doors

A view from the future rooftop deck looking South towards San Felipe.

View from the future rooftop looking East towards the Sea of Cortez.

View from the future rooftop looking North towards the USA.

The back patio

View of the back of the house

Arch of the garage

Looking into the garage

The kitchen looking East towards the front of the house.

From the living area towards the patio and garage.
Looking from the livingroom to the patio.

From the livingroom to the hallway.

South wall of the front bedroom.

Looking out the 5' x 5' front east facing window of the front bedroom.

3' x 6' foot window in the master bedroom.

2' x 3' master bathroom window
The roof going on the new security entrance building to Playa de Oro.

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