Thursday, February 15, 2007

Finishing the roof.

Pouring the cement roof.

Oscars crew hard at work

still pouring cement

All finished with the roof.
Foam on outside of house for additional insulation.
Stairs leading to the roof deck

Sunday, February 4, 2007

The roof is almost ready to pour...

It's snowing in Baja
Okay, it's not snow. It's the foam insulation.
Foam with electrical running through it.
The foam roof and concrete joist are held up by temporary 4x4 braces.
View of the back patio area
View of the house looking North
View of the front of the house and garage. Looking West.
View of the front room window and entrance
Kitchen area
Another shot of the foam roof, it's like one big icebox...hope it keeps the beer cold.
Where the shower will be...
The wall is to Rachel's hip, high enough for a couch.
Looking down the hallway.

Looking from the livingroom to the hallway

Looking out to the back patio